What We Do?

We bring your vision to life through expert videography,
precise video editing, and skillful directing and producing.

I am fully engaged in every phase of the project, from the initial idea to its final execution. This includes productive pre-production sessions for clarifying the concept, script development, coordinating actors if needed, the actual filming, meticulous editing, and ultimately, delivering the polished final product.

Sometimes I'm used only as an editor, I play a vital role in video production. I am responsible for transforming raw footage into a cohesive story by seamlessly piecing together clips, enhancing colors, manipulating sound (which is incredibly important), and incorporating graphics and motion elements.

As a director and producer, I thrive on diverse video projects. I don't just stick to wielding a camera or spending hours editing. For me, it's all about infusing creativity and fun into every step of the process. When I'm on set, I like creating an enjoyable experience for everyone involved while bringing out the best from the talent I'm directing.

Film By Monster

In its broadest term, digital content refers to data (video, written, information) that can be viewed.

On a digital platform. Within the spectrum of filmmaking, digital content refers to the variety of film or video content generated for specific online use. Content is what is said, form is how it's said. So, content would be things like characters, dialogue, themes, symbols, etc. Form would be how those things are presented - camera movement, pacing, editing, plot structure, etc.


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Best in class from concept to completion

Dan is also personable, trustworthy, and has great input during the creative process. And, for those that don't love being on camera, he will set you at ease and give you pro tips along the way. Five stars isn't quite enough.

Kevin Waugaman


I highly recommend working with Gray Frog Media for all of your video production needs.

Dan works closely with our team for all things creative, and every time it is professional, clean, and compelling. He's a fantastic storyteller and has an eye for video creative direction. You won't regret working with him!

Cat Cho


Gray Frog always delivers.

I have been placing commercials on TV for 26 years and Gray Frog is one of my Go To producers for great quality and value. You get it all with Gray Frog.

Greg Scobee


Our Work

We specialize in producing exceptional videos to elevate your company's brand. No matter the platform,
be it television or digital media, we have the expertise to handle your project efficiently and effectively.

Our Journey

Check out some of the projects that we
have recently completed.


Selling Real Estate is much more than just brick and mortar

This commercial for Hill Spooner Real Estate was shot in Tallahassee, FL and was a ton of fun to create. Ultimately, it’s not about the mundane and mind-numbing details of homebuying, it’s about a house becoming a home and a place to make memories that will last forever.


Nothing can replace the personal touch

Testimonials can be incredibly effective videos that can be used as television commercials or social media content. It’s a fantastic way to bring a customer’s 5-star review of your company to life. The work Jax Implants & Dentures does is so visually stunning, that this patient’s testimonial was a no-brainer.

television spot

Sometimes you have access to an incredible setting, and you need to seize the opportunity. Such was the case when it came time to produce this spot for Pelham Law, an accident attorney in the North Florida area.